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Information about Larrie Cook.

Instantly recognizable in his dark sunglasses and hat Larrie Cook has carved a reputation as one of the  hardest working Bluesman around. Recently returned from his second successful tour, Larrie has launched his third CD. Packed full of juicy tunes and raunchy riffs.

Larrie Cook has hand picked seasoned Blues Musicians to form Larrie Cook and the Bluesmastersî Everywhere they play the fans have been thrilled with the quality of the authentic blues music played with deep conviction as only the blues can be played. 


Larrie Cook is a blues singer/songwriter with a very chequered and interesting career. Brought up on rhythm and blues, soul and funk, Larrie pursued a profession that spans several continents, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, Spain, Germany and some of the Pacific Islands. Hawaii, Fiji, Tahiti, New Zealand and Finally Australia. In America the Blues capitols were worked extensively, (Chicago, New Orleans, Texas, New York and San Francisco.) There Larrie met and played with some of the world’s greatest blues players. The late Paul Butterfield, Albert Collins. Sonny Terry and Brownie McGee, Muddy Waters and Steve Miller. In Australia Larrie was quick to pick up on the blues players and has met and played with Phil Manning, Matt Taylor (both ex "Chain Blues Band), Dutch Tilders, Margaret Roadknight, Kirk L'orange and Johno’s Blues Band.

Larrie was also front man for the highly successful BLUES BROTHERS In Australia. Promoted by Warner Brothers, Larrie was the headline act for places like the top spots, The Tivoli in Sydney and Billboard in Melbourne.

Larrie has a degree in music, sings lead vocals, lead guitar, blues harmonica and saxophone. Larrie's Band features many original songs as well as Blues classics with a healthy addition of rock and roll or Jazz depending on the audience. The press were quick to realise the popularity of the band and wrote many articles of praise about them.

Multi-Award Winning!

Best Male Artist

Best Blues Band


Best Blues Band

Best Blues Song

Best Blues Album



Larrie has several singles and eight albums to his credit and received rave reviews from the press!

CD rated 9 out of 10

"Here For A Goodtimeî is a CD that picks you up and throws you straight on the dance floor!"

"This is an excellent CD and Larrie is an all round winner here. If you have seen him live you will want the CD. If you have the CD you will want to see him perform!"

"This is a scorcher of a CD and one that I recommend for your collection. Theses guys should be on the bill at every Blues Festival !"

 "Bluesman Larrie Cook hís talents singing playing guitar, sax and harmonica make him a rare dude."

"Larrie Cook is a highly experienced blues singer/songwriter, guitarist, harp player and saxophonist who has played all around the world. He has a rich yet gravel gutbucket voice that he can change (chameleon fashion) to sound like Dr. John, Tom Waits, Johnny Winter and Albert Collins, (even Louis Armstrong at times) according to the songs demands."

"Larrie plays great Albert Collins style guitar and his years on the road means that he is very fluid and often playing faster than you realise!"


"Sales for the CD have been phenomenal and everywhere they play the crowds are hanging by the rafters and shouting more, more, more! Among the verdicts from the audience are, really gifted, awesome, excellent"

"Finally someone doing it right! Others describe him as the best Bluesman they have ever seen live!"


On bass guitar  Chris "Bass Daddy" Andersen always in demand for his tasty bass lines. Chris has that special feel for the blues and adds that cool swing and funk groove to the band.

On drums, Alan "Big Stick" Burns. A master of swing and shuffle totally dedicated to the authentic blues grooves. A very experienced player gives the band the solid back beat the dancers love to hear!

On keyboards Wayne "Fingers" Slingerland.  Wayne has that great touch for  R&B and truly shines when he plays with the Bluesmasters!